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Multi Slicer
Automated adjust angle, depends on the height of product!

• 3Way by Only One Machine.
• Continuous Feeding.
• Automated Angle Adjust System ! (0° to 60° )
• Easy Removeable Conveyores.
• Special Coating Blade provides you beautiful cutting faces.
• Easy Cleaning, Keep Sanitary.
*Compressor is optional.

Adjust angle during operation automatically.
(0° to 60° )

Slice whole meat/fish till the last.

Salmon / 60°

Beef Belly / 60°
Catalogue (PDF) approval plan(PDF)

Dimension W 1,400 X D 1,750 X H 1,300 (mm)
Weight 350kg
Power 3P / 200V / 50Hz/60Hz
Motor Capacity Blade  0.2kW x 1
Feeder  0.4kW x 1 (AC servo)
Angle  1kW x 1 (AC servo)
Drive  0.4kW x 1
Conveyor  90kW x 1
Diagonal Cutting Angle 0° to 60°
Slicing capability Max 70 slices/min
Slice Thickness (0) to 8mm
Slice dimensions  W 180 X D 700 X H 80 (mm) at angle 0°
W 180 X D 700 X H 35 (mm) at angle 60°
* Will vary, depending on the slicing angle.
Temperature for slicing     -3℃ to -8℃ (for fish processing)
-1℃ to -3℃ (for meat processing)
* Will vary, depending on the thickness.
quality and shape of meat/fish.
■ Specification of Conveyor
Dimension W 265 (Belt/W200) X L 1,000 (mm)
Speed 0 to 4.2m/min.

High Speed Dicer

• The size and length of meat can be cut as you wish.• Meat from Chilled to Frozen are sliceable. • Excellent operation ability by High-Speed processing. • Inter-Lock Structure by Sensor, secure and safety for operation. • Processing dimensions are various by exchange of the substitute frame. (Substitute Frame is selling separately)

Oblong Slicing
Flake Slicing

The size and length of meat
can be cut as you wish.
Catalogue (PDF) approval plan(PDF)

Machine Dimension L 1600xW 750xH 1150
Power Voltage 3P / 200V / 60Hz/50Hz
Motor Capacity Slicer Motor0.2kW
Conveyor Motor0.2kW
Slice Speed 30 to 1100 rotation / minute
1st Cutting 6-30mm
2nd Cutting 5-70mm
Substitute Frame Measure Standard 10mm : (Option) 6, 8, 15, 20, 25, 30mm
Sliceable Size Width 260 x Height 30 mm
Sliceable Temperature |6degree Celsius to -2degree Celsius
* It might be different according to the meat thickness, qualityand shape.
Capacity 450kg/h(Apply for 10 x 10mm)

High Speed Salmon Slicer

• 200 slices / minute at ultra-high speed
In addition to barbecue meats, this slicer can accommodate thin slices up to large chunks and other types of food.
• Color tough panel display facilitates easy and clear operation. Meat placement is flexible. Intermittent feed with slice number setting is available at your choice. Stainless special cutting steels are used in this unit.
• Interlock mechanism ensures safety.
• This compact unit is designed to save space.

Diagonal cutting is possible in the range of 45 degrees to 55 degrees

Conveyer is installed as standard.
(The standard length is 2.0m)
The length can be changed to suit the customer by option.
movie(wmv) approval plan(PDF)

Dimensions W1,130xD1,200xH1,480mm
Weight 380kg
Power supply 3P 200V 60Hz/50Hz
Motor Blade 0.4kW
Face plate 0.4kW
Feeder 0.4kW(AC servo)
Cutting angle 45degree to 55degree
Slicing capability Max200slices/m(6variations in speed)
Slice thickness (0) to 8mm
Slice dimensions W200xH45mm
Temperature for slicing -8degree Celsius to +5degree Celsius *For salmon
Conveyer W700xL2,150xH800mm
Weight 155kg
Conveyer motor 120W
Conveyer speed 0 to 35m/minute(Variable speed)

Instanteneous Slicers

• Fresh and processed meat up to a width of 355mm is cut instantly from a large lump. • The unit cuts parallel from one edge to the other edge. Slices are even as the cutting face is sharp with no irregularities. Loss at the edges is less. • No sliced face is exposed to air due to the instantaneous cutting process. It is hygienic with less risk of secondary contamination. • Slice thickness is 2.0mm of min. to max. thickness of 30mm. (Cutter frame has to be replaced.) • Hydraulic automatic feeding system is incorporated in both the product feed and upstroke press mechanism. • Safety ane precise slicing is ensured.

catalogue(PDF) approval plan(PDF)

Dimensions W670xD1,860xH1,500mm
Weight 650kg
Power supply 3P 200V 60Hz/50Hz
Motor Knive 3.7kW
Slicing capability Meat@@1,800kg/h
Slicing capability Ham@@360Block/h
Slice thickness 2.0 to 30mm (Flexible setting)
Slice dimensions W355xL400xH175mm
Temperature for slicing +1degree Celsius to +10degree Celsius *Depending on the commodity
Feeding method Hydraulic