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Piling Food Slicer

• The unit automatically piles ham in the same shape as it was before cutting. • Food can be sliced in even thickness down to the last piece with the automatic press device. • The unit stops automatically when the cutting operation is complete and alerts with buzzer sound. • Drive and electrical circuits with waterproof finishing can be cleaned with water. • Display has been incorporated to show number of slices at a glance.

Dimensions W585xD500xH850mm
Weight 63kg
Power supply 200V 60Hz/50Hz
Motor 0.3kW
Slicing speed 85slices/m(60Hz)  80slices/m(50Hz)
Slice thickness 1 to 12mm
Slice dimensions W125xH125xL200mm

Special Food Slicer

• Multi slice function provides satisfactory cutting of -8degree Celsius frozen meat (It will vary, depending on thickness, quality and shape of the meat) such as ham, bacon, fresh octopus, abalone with high power motor(3P/750W).
• Diagonal cut meat mounting table as an option enables slicing diagonally, wide thin food products such as barbeque meats(belly / thinnish meat) or chicken.

Meat mounting table for diagonal cutting is available as an option

catalogue(PDF) approval plan(PDF)

Dimensions W660xD770xH700mm
Weight 71kg
Power supply S 3P 200V 60Hz/50Hz
B 1P 100V 60Hz/50Hz
Motor S 0.75kW
B 0.3kW
Slice speed 47slices/m(60Hz)  40slices/m(50Hz)
Slice thickness (0) to 16mm
Slice dimensions W240xH160xL480mm
Temperature for slicing -1degree Celsius to -5degree Celsius
*Depending on the commodity
Blade diameter 300mm dia.

Roast Pork Slicer(Autmatic/Manual)

Compact and light weight,it doesn't take up too much space.
• Open to utilization in various ways.
• Reasonable price
• Easy construction for assembling,disassembling and cleaning
• Simple construction and outstanding endurance.
• Blade cover(option)attached,cleaning safety(Patent pending)
catalogue(PDF) approval plan(PDF)

Dimensions W462×D592×H550mm
Weight 38.5kg
Power 100V/1Ph 60Hz/50Hz
Motor 0.2kW×1unit
Slicing Capacity 48slices/min.(60Hz)  40slices/min.(50Hz)
Slice Thickness (0) to 20mm
Slice Dimensions W130×H150×L380mm
Ideal Temperature For processed products Chilled/Fresh
Blade Diameter 234mm dia.

Perfet shreding for long onion noodle, salad and onions for barbecues can be instantly produced
Onion Cutter

• This is the dedicated machine for cutting onions vertically. • Operation and cleaning are easy. • Round blade never gets rusty owing to electric sharpening finish. • Onions never get interwined owing to special cutter guide. (Patented)



Dimensions W400xD225xH420mm
Weight 18kg
Power supply 1P 100V
Motor 0.4kW
Slicing speed one long onion/approx.2 sec.