Greeting from the President

Nantsune has been working to develop the Japanese market since 1929 when the first Nantsune made meat slicer was born. Since that time, we have established Nantsune as the Japanese market leader of meat slicing equipment. During this process, we have also earned the position of the No.1 meat slicer manufacture in the Asian market.
President & CEO Tsuneyuki Minami
President & CEO Tsuneyuki Minami
Today, Japan's No.1 selling slicer is now available for sale in your country.

Our goal is to provide our customers with Japanese high quality equipment so they can add value to their products. Nantsune's customers have experience an increase in the quality, quantity and number of different value added items made possible through their investment in a Nantsune product. It will come true. Nantsune will become the only one manufacture all over the world.

We are sure that a Nantsune product will add to your success. As your business partner, we look forward to the shared responsibility in your success through the satisfaction of your clients.

President & CEO
Tsuneyuki Minami