Company History

1925   Nichijo Minami, the founder and the first company president, set up work for wrought iron tooling in Osaka, Japan.
1929   "Nantsune" became the registered trademark of Nantsune brand products.
1954   Nichijo Minami was succeeded as the company president by his son, Tsuneo Minami. Tsuneo Minami established the company under the name, "Nantsune Iron Works Co., Ltd."
1961   Nantsune introduced meat cutting machines with "roller system" technology. These meat cutting machines soon became the industry standard of excellence, precision, consistency and reliability.
1980   Exhibited at the American Meat Industry trade show in Chicago.
1983   Tsuneo Minami was honored for his contribution to industry receiving the prestigious Osaka Prefecture Governor Award for industry (Industry Performance Award).
1985   Established Beijing Nantsune Meat Machinery Joint Venture Co., Ltd. in China under joint management with Beijing City.
1988   Tsuneo Minami received the prestigious Director-General's Award for Machinery and Information Industry Bureau of the Department of Trade and Industry.Manufactured and sold Nantsune's first chop cutters, again rasing the industries standards for quality and excellence.
1989   Kojiro Minami succeeded his father as the company's third president. Tsuneo Minami, the second company president was promoted to Chairman.
1998   Tsuneo Minami received the Imperial Order of the Sacred Treasure, with Gold Rays and Rosette, in highest acknowledgement of his widespread service and contribution to the industry.
1999   Established Nantsune Korea Co., Ltd. under joint management with Young Dong Tech in Korea.
2002   Acquired ISO9001 certification.
2005   Changed the name from "Nantsune Iron Works Co., Ltd." to "Nantsune Co., Ltd." Established Shanghai Nantsune Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
2008   Established Hokkaido Nantsune Co., Ltd.
2009   80th Anniversary of the founding of the company
2010   Kojiro Minami retired and Tsuneyuki Minami succeeded his father as the company's forth president.
2011   Hokkaido Nantsune Co., Ltd. Consolidated with Nantsune Co., Ltd.
Took Full ownership of Beijing Nantsune Co., Ltd.